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Listen Here: Subscribe Here: Listen on Apple Podcasts Whether you like it or not… Your CSRs have three main jobs they must be doing: 1) book calls. 2) WOW customers. 3) Generate revenue. That is their responsibility. Keep the board full, create an amazing experience for the customer, and create revenue opportunities. In fact, your CSRs should be selling most of your maintenance agreements. And they should be selling something on every single phone call. The CSR is not an order taker or a receptionist… An order taker listens to what the customer wants and gives it to them – no more, no less. A receptionist answers all the customer’s questions and considers it a job well done whether they book the call or not. And the reason these trends are so common is because customers are very kind to these kinds of CSRs… “Thank you so much” they say. “You’ve been very helpful.” But while those statements might be true, a customer complimenting your CSR for answering their questions doesn’t make you money! In this episode of LIP Service for Contractors, we are laying down the law on what a CSR’s REAL job is. Listen and subscribe now: Listen on Apple Podcasts