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Customers get angry for a lot of reasons. But when you write down a list of all the reasons why, they pretty much always come back to two things:

  1. You didn’t communicate well enough
  2. They didn’t perceive enough value

That’s very good news because you can solve those problems by communicating better and selling better. Period. 

But what about the other customers? You know, the ones who are so unreasonably angry with you that it doesn’t matter what you say… they hate you, and that’s final. What do you do about them?

Depends on who you ask, but according to the $100 Million contractor Josh Kelly, sometimes, you need to make them go away. Give them a gift card, buy them dinner, give them a refund…

Do whatever it takes to get them out the door and preserve your company’s good name. That may sound harsh, but when you listen to the extraordinary story of Josh giving a customer who never did business with him $11,000 to go away, you’ll see why we say it…

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