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  • To-Do lists are the cockroaches of productivity. They never seem to die, even when we painfully realize they are NOT relieving long-term stress in our lives. You should DESTROY your to-do lists.
  • 🤚 Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked how to do something more than once… **ALL HANDS GO UP** Learn how to solve commonly asked questions once and for all.
  • Face it: you are NEVER going to read those 7,000 unread emails in your inbox. Just trash them. Why you should TRASH 🗑 your bloated inbox.
  • This may be controversial, but open door policies are B.S. 💩 We’ll tell you why.
  • People questioning how you spend your time? (Are you questioning yourself?) Josh Kelly, the $100 million contractor, explains how to PROVE whether or not you’re using time wisely
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