In this second part of the Pattern for Excellence, The LIP Service Crew breaks down the last four principles of the Pattern for Excellence. 

Let’s get to it: 

  1. Give – Giving Builds Relationships
  • When COVID-19 shut the economy down, Power Selling Pros lost 20% of their customers. To keep them and convince them to come back, they served their way out of the crisis. They gave several accounts free coaching. 
  • Josh explains that you don’t just accept what happens to you, you respond to it. It’s a good rule of thumb to always give more than your customers pay for. 
  • Your biggest expenses as a human are 1) Taxes and 2) Not Knowing. Give yourself a better future by knowing what you don’t know. 
  1. Ask – Asking Encourages Action
  • Brigham, when starting PSP, went to New York to sell to Mike Agugliaro. This was his “hail mary.” He was sleepless and about to fail, but he ASKED to do business with Mike. Were it not for that trip, his business would have failed. 
  • With Technicians, if they were to just ASK for more business, their sales would go up! One way to do that is with “I notice, Most of, Why.” “I notice you’re not a member of our maintenance plan. Most of our customers join because they get 10% discounts on service, priority appointments, and waived service call fees. Why aren’t you a member? 
  1. Be Valuable – Value Encourages Commitment
  • Do your job so well it’s like magic! Pick the thing you can do better than anyone. 
  • When you’re presenting pricing, build value with your customers. Break down the price to its component parts so they can see the incremental value. For example, a new AC might be $10,000, but a better way to explain it is $2.73 a day for a year’s use. Customers can handle that and see the value.
  • A plumber that recently came to Josh & Laura’s place voice-recorded his notes on his iPad. He made sure to be in earshot of the customer so they could hear all the value he provided for their home. 
  1. Be Grateful – Gratitude Reinforces Unity
  • Make a list of all that you’re grateful for. Often. 

The Pattern for Excellence is a virtuous cycle. Master one principle and you improve the presence of them all in your life. 

‘Till next time, 

The LIP Service Crew