12 years ago, Brigham lost it all. His business failed and he was alone in Utah without his family. So, on a cot in his brother-in-law’s basement, he drew the first version of the Pattern for Excellence.

On this episode of LIP Service, we’re breaking down the Pattern for Excellence, a framework for leaders and their teams to Win More Moments. 

It goes like this: 

  1. Be Positive – Positivity Attracts People.
    1. The first sale you make is yourself. You have to sell yourself on your own vision. When Brigham was building his business, a loved one asked him how long he planned on doing this without making money. It was his positivity that got him through a very difficult time. 
    2. At Clover Marketing, Josh and Laura believe in Growth, Profit & FUN. You should accept things as they are but be hopeful. 
    3. Zac asks Brigham, though: “how did you stay positive when you were broke on a cot in your brother-in-law’s basement?” He read books. Tons and tons books. He put books on his credit card and knew from his learning he had to let go of the past. 
    4. Josh goes on to share that if you haven’t failed, you haven’t worked hard enough or reached high enough. You don’t die when you fail. 
    5. To wrap up positivity, positivity and negativity can’t exist in the same place. People who see failure as opportunity always grow the most. 
  2. Be Prepared – Preparation Inspires Confidence
    1. It’s about always being prepared. Not just physically, but mentally. 
    2. Josh explains the need for a growth mindset in your life and business. 
  3. Listen – Understanding Invites Connection 
    1. Antennas Up! When Brigham started PSP, he got his first big opportunity to start the business by listening to a business owner’s needs. Be aware of everything around you. Say “yes” where you can. Read the book The Strangest Secret.
  4. Care – Empathy Validates Worth
    1. The success of PSP can be explained largely by the fact that they showed empathy for the most overlooked team in most companies: CSRs. Validate people, measure them and show them that you care to win more moments. 

We’ll finish the Pattern for Excellence in part 2. 

‘Till next time, 

The LIP Service Crew